Carri Compton | Race Director

This series is crafted to take all the stress away from race day. You get the same outstanding race expreince you would come to expect from a Mammoth event, just on your time. The six different trail systems we cover all have unique features about them and I love that. We experience big hills, fast courses, technical single track, gravel roads, amazing views, smooth wide trails and everything in between. Each race has its own personality that fits in perfectly with the others. 

The people are what makes this series so fun. Yes, we have the band, the food, the awesome trails, etc... but its the positivity, laughter, hard work and crazy stories that make the series what it is. If you don't know anyone yet, don't worry - you soon will. 

I can't wait to serve you on race day and help you with anything you might need. It's an absolute honor to direct these races and call you all friends. See you at the trailhead!


JULY 10, 2021








Carri Compton | Race Director

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2021 Athlete Guide






A Mammoth signature - STRESS FREE START


First Timer Wave - Starts at 8:30am on Saturday. Meet next to the black Mammoth Endurance check in tent inside the athlete village by 8:15am. Our running guides will be there to answer any questions you and get you ready and comfortable for your race. Once your race starts, our guides will do their best to run alongside you and keep you going during your race! Our courses are VERY well marked, so no worries on getting lost :)

Elite Wave - Starts at 9:00am on Saturday. Please be checked in, ready to run and in the start corral by 8:50am at the latest. This wave is for anyone who wants to race with other speedy trail runners and compete for the overall at the event in your chosen distance. Keep in mind, results are not final until the end of the day and it is not required that you start in this wave to claim an overall victory or top three. Even though you may come in first place in this wave, it doesn't mean you've won the race! 

LAST CALL - Although you're free to start anytime from 7:30am - 11:30am, you MUST have started your event by 11:30am. We will close down the start line promptly at 11:30am on the dot. Don't say we didn't warn ya ;)


...some of whatcha get



1. Built in discount into all six series races.

2. 2021 Golden Kettle Series decal.

3. $5 credit to use on series merchandise.

4. Free professional Focal Flame photos at all races.

5. Six hand assembled wooden finishers medals.

6. Pot luck style post race spread.

7. Live music in the Golden Kettle village.

8. Free locally brewed craft beer.

9. Six incredibly organized and run trail races.

10. Free park entry into all six races.

11. Exclusive runner coupons from series partners.

12. Well marked trails & stoked aid stations.

1. Free professional Focal Flame photos at all races.

2. Hand assembled wooden finishers medals.

3. Pot luck style post race spread.

4. Live music in the Golden Kettle village.

5. Free locally brewed craft beer.

6. Incredibly organized trail race.

7. Free park entry into the race.

8. Well marked trails & stoked aid stations.


20+ YEARS  Specializing in endurance athletes




All the good stuff - When you arrive, walk under the archway and enter into the village. Find locally brewed craft beer, free runner evaluations from Body Mechanics, shop the best running gear from the best local running shop, check out the Golden Kettle merchandise tent, enjoy live music, a campfire (only at some), and finally stop at the trail booth to learn how to get involved in volunteering some time working on these trails we all love so much. 


Bigger Than The Trail
Hubbleton Brewing Co.

Performance Running Outfitters

Ice Age Trail Alliance

Live Music

Official GK Merchandise Tent. 


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE Refund Policy: We understand the hesitation... Will covid still be shutting down races, will Godzilla have taken over the world, what happens if the flying monkeys get released... - all fair questions. Don't worry thought, we've got your back. WE WANT YOU TO SIGNUP AND HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO. So, here's our policy.

If we are unable, for any reason to hold the event(s). Here are the options:
Free deferral to ANY other Mammoth race, ANY year, NEVER expires. Basically you don't lose your money, can still race and use 100% of this registration towards any other race of ours. or Receive a 50% cash refund of your registration fee. Single Race Pricing $25 November 16 - December 13 $30 December 14 - April 30 $35 May 1 - June 9 $40 June 10 - July 7 Series Pricing (all 6 races) $145 November 16 - December 13 $165 December 14 - January 31 $175 February 1 - March 31 $190 April 1 - April 27 Deadlines 1. You must register at least 10 days before the event to select a race shirt. 2. Online regisatration closes 4 days before the event. 3. You may register on site on race day for $40 cash.


START LINE IS OPEN FROM 7:00am - 11:00am Lets face it... race morning is stressfull! Getting to the start line in time for you to comfortably start without feelign rushed is one of the not so fun parts of racing. Lines at packet pickup, lines to go to the bathroom, lines to get your shirts - it all adds up and often gets our heart rate going before we even start running! Well, we're changing things up a bit.

Our signature stress free start gives you. the freedom to start whenever you want. You'll have a four hour window to start your race. As long as youo cross that start line between 7:00am - 11:00am, you're good to go. No worries if you sleep in a bit or your friend is running a bit behind. Maybe you had to make 3 trips to the bathroom before hand LOL, we've beeeen there, we get it.

So, rather than stressing and feeling like you NEED to get to the race ASAP, get your stuff and get going. Enjoy your morning, walk a little slower and just enjoy the day and the oppotuniuty to race. Cruise through the Golden Kettle Village, have a beer while you listen to some live music.

Welcome to the most laid back starting experience you'll ever have.


When you arrive, walk under the archway and enter into the village. Find locally brewed craft beer, shop the best running gear from the best local running shop, check out the Golden Kettle merchandise tent, enjoy live music, a campfire (only at some), and finally stop at the trail booth to learn how to get involved in volunteering some time working on these trails we all love so much. Vendors at each race will be listed here as well as in your athlete guide!


In 2016, I found myself burnt of of pounding the pavement and hammering out mile after mile on the sidewalks. I was losing inspiration to run and needed a change. I had watched one of my brothers run the Pikes Peak Marathon the year before and was sort of intrigued at the idea of running up a mountain, just to turn around and run back down.. It sounded gnarly, and I was in. So, in 2016, I found a few local trails near Hartford, WI and started training on them. My 7:00min pace on the roads quickly fell to a 9:00 pace on the trails - woof this trail running thing was tough! A few months later i found myself at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado, my first trail race ever. The race went fine, my body was destroyed from the elevation at 16,000ft & the pounding of a half marathon straight down the mountain. My body ached, my mind was exhausted, my knees bloody and as a laid in the grass in downtown Manitou Spring, i fell in love with trail running. Since that race, I've run less than a handful of road races and have dove head first into trail and ultra running. When i got home from Colorado, I needed to find more trails. So I began to hunt them down. One by one I started ticking off the trail systems both near and far. I loved every one more than the last. I took particular interest in the Southern Kettle because it was within 30min of my house and it seemed like I could connect trails easily and run for hours without ever running the same trail twice. In 2017, the idea was born of a trail running series. With my years of experience hosting road events all over the country, and my newfound love of trail running - I was excited and careful to put together a trail series that was special. It couldn’t be like the road events I had produced, it needed to be different and somehow stand out from the crowd. Finally, in 2020 I gathered the courage to put this thing in motion and got to work. We built the courses, built the look, pulled together the team and had our master plan in place. The product of many, many meetings, late nights, long runs and 17 years of producing events is what you see here. We're damn proud of this series and we want everyone to come experience the peace and beauty these trails offer. It's so much more than running a race - it's resetting your mind, moving your body, being quite and at times pushing your body harder than you think it can go. These trails hold a special place in the heart of so many people. I invite you out to the trailhead to see why we call these trail home and why they've changed so many lives and will continue to do so for many years to come. See you at the trailhead, Craig Braun (owner of Mammoth)


Shuttles are used for the events to avoid a parking jam at the trailhead. Most of these trail. heads are not designed to handle 500 people at them, so please DO NOT park at the trailhead. Parking and shuttle information will be included in your athlete guide that will be sent out to you 5 days before your event. THERE IS NO PARKING ALLOWED AT THE TRAILHEAD!


Choose from any of our three courses. Short, Middle or Long distances are available. • Short Course The short course follows the red square markers on the trails. This loop will have one aid station available stocked with water (cup-less), tailwind and various sweet and salty snacks. 3.5 miles | 269 ft gain Course Map • Middle Course The middle course follows the green circle markers on the trails. This loop will have one aid station available stocked with water (cup-less), tailwind and various sweet and salty snacks. 7 miles | 634 ft gain Course Map • Long Course The long course follows the blue diamond markers on the trails. This loop will have three aid stations available stocked with water (cup-less), tailwind and various sweet and salty snacks. 12 miles | 1,024 ft gain Course Map


6:50am - Shuttles begin 7:00am - Golden Kettle Village OPEN (packet pickup opens) 7:00am - START LINE IS OPEN 8:00am - Band begins playing 8:00am - Beer is served 10:45am - Vendors beginning closing (band packs up / no more beer) 11:00am - START LINE IS CLOSED 12 (noon) - Golden Kettle Village is Closed 12:30pm - Last call for final shuttle This is a cut back version of our daily schedule. We will update this schedule of events closer to the event as we confirm vendors and other details.


1. No Cups / No Single Use Plastic - You'll find a lot of useful things at our aid stations! Cups, however, are not one of them. Please make sure you have a handheld or pack to fill with water at the aid stations. We do not hand out water bottles at the finish line of our events. To reduce our use of plastic, we have a water fill up area that you can utilize to grab a drink and rehydrate after your race. 2. One Bib, All Series Long - That's right! Your race bib from race #1 is your race bib for the rest of the series! Not only does this reduce our footprint, but it also means you. can completely skip packet pickup at al the other races after you've raced the first one! After 16+ years of putting on events, and working to lower our. impact - it's silly to m that we print hundreds of race bibs to be used once and than thrown away. Why toss a perfectly good bib! Use that thing over and over again. If you forget yours or lose it, no sweat - we'll have extras at each race. 3. 80lbs a year! - The average American throws away 80lbs of clothing a year. If you're like me, you have SO many race shirts in your closet. We do not include a free race shirt with your registration, but rather give you the choice to see the shirt during registration and decide if you want it as an add on. We think our shirts are pretty awesome, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs one :). We also have really nice merchandise for sale at each race if the race shirt just isn’t your cup of tea. 4. Garbage Bins Everywhere - Get your trash in the bins! We've made the extra effort to have both garbage and recycling available inside the village. If one of our crew spots you tossing garbage on the ground we will immediately DQ you from the event. We take great pride in keeping these beautiful areas just how we found them. If you're not on board for that, you're on the wrong ship.


The Golden Kettle Trail Series is excited to announce two partners for our 2021 series. First, we will be working directly with the Department of Natural Recourses to help maintain and improve the trails and amenities in the Northern and Southern Kettle Moraine Units. Second, w're beyond excited to be partnering with Bigger Than The Trail, a 501c3 non profit that uses trail running as a platform to advocate for mental health, with the mission of enriching the lives of individuals struggling with mental health. Every time you race a Golden Kettle Trail Series event, feel good knowing you're a part of something bigger than yourself! Awesome!



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